Created for Rodriguez for City Council, District 1, 2020

FPPC #1400072



Continue to monitor and collaborate fiscal budget of the City of Chino

Support AB 101 Affordable Housing

Support SB 1 Transportation highways and infrastructure improvements

Completion of Pine Ave Connector at Highway 71 from Hellman to Euclid

Completion of future connectors to major highways

Future study of Metro-link into the Preserve

Full build out of homes, parks and schools in Chino Preserve and in College Park

Further park amenities at Ayala Park and full build out of Ayala Park

Collaboration with Chaffey College for complete build out

Technology enhancement and equipment for crime fighting for Chino Police Department

Continued enhancement for updated equipment and vehicles for Police Department

Support for neighborhood watch program

Continued support for fire department and first responders

Maintain our roads, transportation, waste management, bridges, parks and recreation

Monitor services for homelessness and those in need

Continued protection for environment

Continuous support services for senior citizens

Expansion for additional residences for senior citizens

Expansion of 1,200 acres of Prado Park for park

Trades Fair 2020

Celebration of the City of Chino's traditions and diversity